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In The Box Workflow

Transitioning to In The Box… Like Everything Little background on me: I’ve played piano since the age of 5. I’m also a professional DJ and music production hobbyist. I picked up music production, mainly making remixes, when I started spinning records over 20 years ago. We used Fruity Loops (before it was referred to as… Read more »

I hate to RANE on your parade…

Before the days of Digital DJing, Rane was a staple in the DJ booth. The best clubs had either a Rane mixer or a Pioneer DJM. The days of Serato came and Rane had a jump start. The Sixty-Two mixer, released in 2012, was a very compelling product. It offered full integration with Serato along… Read more »

Waves Coupon Code

To all of you producers out there, here is a coupon code for 10% off at These are very useful plug-ins and they have specials all the time. I wouldn’t recommend paying retail prices for any of them, only because you don’t have to. Wait for the plug-in to go on sale, then use… Read more »

Welcome to my new site!

It’s been a long time coming, but I am proud to officially launch this site! My weekdays are dedicated to contract web design, sadly the web designs of the sites that I own have suffered. Here we are today, and after months of incremental late night development and it’s complete! This site is built much… Read more »