Waves Coupon Code

To all of you producers out there, here is a coupon code for 10% off at Waves.com. These are very useful plug-ins and they have specials all the time. I wouldn’t recommend paying retail prices for any of them, only because you don’t have to. Wait for the plug-in to go on sale, then use the 10% off coupon to maximize your dollar.

I don’t exclusively use Waves plug-ins, but here are a few that I own and use:


Scheps 73

Producer and engineer Andrew Scheps was consulted on this emulation of the Neve 1073 pre-amp and EQ. This is my favorite Waves Plug and it goes on all of my vocal channels.


CLA Classic Compressors

Chris Lorde-Alge was brought in for emulations of some fantastic compressors. At least one of these compressors can be found on my vocal channels, sometimes I use the CLA-2A to catch initial peaks, then the CLA-76 right after for a smoother compression. These are essential to me now.


JPP Analog Legends